Mr. Wade Davis
Fifth Grade

  Wade Davis is the fifth grade teacher at Orwell Village School.

He is new to Orwell this year but has more than fifteen years of combined experience as a teacher, a substitute teacher and a TA. 

Wade received his Master's of Education at the University of Michigan and has a Bachelor's in East Asian Studies.

His favorite time of day is dawn.

Mr. Davis has a 3rd degree blackbelt in Yoshokai-style Aikido and is Orwell's very own after-school Aikido instructor.  


 Favorite Color: 

 Favorite Food:
  Spicy Thai

 Favorite Indoor Activity: 
  Playing music: acoustic bass, 
  guitar, mandolin, 

 Favorite Book: 
  The Tale of Desperoux by Kate 

 Favorite Musician:
  Whomever is playing live 
  somewhere nearby!