Our school reflects the serenity of a small Vermont community which fosters mutual support for people of all ages. The staff and faculty of Orwell Village School take pride in delivering a quality education for our students and endeavor to support "family values."

Our mission is to:

    •  stimulate educational curiosity;
    •  encourage enthusiasm for learning as a life-long process;
    •  enable individuals to become capable of making informed decisions;
    •  enable individuals to develop a sense of personal worth and accomplishment;
     •  recognize different rates and styles of learning;
     •  ensure respect of other points of view and acceptance of all individuals as unique and valued members of society;
     •  enable individuals to adjust in a rapidly technological world;
    •  encourage individuals to evaluate current social and environmental issues and to act to address those issues   
       responsibly, and encourage open communication with the school and the community with the belief that the 
       community, staff and students play an important role in developing and maintaining positive attitudes towards 

  December 18, 2012

   Agenda  Unapproved Minutes
  November 20, 2012 

  Agenda • Unapproved Minutes
October 16, 2012


 Glen Cousineau - Chair
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 John Tester 
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 Alyson Eastman 
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 Sarah Tetzlaff
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 Peter Ochs 
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